Obama’s Content Marketing Campaign

Hispanics Online

On April 18th, President Obama released videos in Spanish on his Youtube Channel targeting the Hispanic electorate.  Both the Republican and Democrat parties have identified the importance of Hispanics in this election, and there is no better way to create a connection than through an online campaign.  However, it is not about the platform that is used as to the Content Marketing Campaign that has begun.

The videos are in Spanish, and they telling a story of a Hispanic woman who is involved and believes in the Obama campaign.  Mostly, the content appeals to what matters the most to Hispanics: family, achievement, and education.  The campaign managers did their homework and know that their electorate is young, and that to engage Hispanics they must communicate through:

  • key Hispanic values
  • the right communication channels
  •  the correct content framing

Moreover, the campaign is targeting also the influencers in the family; the parents and grandparents.  The information in Spanish is reachable for second generation Hispanics so they can also share it with first generation Hispanics.  Hispanics are social (online/offline) and family oriented.  The coming election is a household conversation in which the Obama Campaign is already providing input.  What will his Republican counterpart do to compete in this field?