3 Tips to Hispanic-Friendly Marketing

Is Your Content Marketing Campaign in Spanish?

Hispanic population is younger than other market segments and is very active online.  Online marketing in Spanish is not the same as translating your current content marketing campaign.  The culturally relevant content engages, and to succeed in that engagement there cannot be translation. Instead, a company must come up with the actions that are wanted from the Hispanic user and create a new concept that is culturally relevant.  Do you have culturally relevant content online?

Have You Done Local Marketing in Spanish?

Businesses have a great opportunity by targeting Hispanics through Local Marketing.  Local Marketing to Hispanics means: low competition, less expensive than connecting with them in English, and a higher return on investment.  Hispanics are active in social media and mobile devices.  Since 60% of Google searches from a mobile are for local purposes, it is best to combine local and mobile marketing into your online marketing campaign.

Is Your Institution Mobile Friendly?

Technology engages Hispanics both through social media and mobile devices. Targeting a mobile active market means a company must connect with them in a mobile friendly way.  Being mobile friendly goes beyond building a mobile site. A mobile strategy includes having a logo that can stand out in different platforms, devices and sizes. It also means that the Hispanic audience is on-the-go, and therefore the content must be brief, to the point, and offer value to the user.