Cultural Hispanic Marketing Perspective

Hispanic Marketing

Language is not the same as culture.  It is the reason why translations don’t work; the words might be right, but the culture behind won’t be.  How does culture shape the way we market to Hispanics?  Culture is the key piece to learning from your Hispanic target market, and connect with them.  The Hispanic consumer in the United States is on-the-go and uses more social media than any other market segment in the US.  It is less competitive and the less expensive to acquire a Hispanic client through digital marketing, but the trick to accomplishing this is not only on the technology you use and how you use it, but on learning from the diverse culture.

Ways to connect with Hispanic consumers are food, and music.  Hispanics in gatherings take occasions around food and music to get back in touch, and what brings us together offline also works online: we like it, share it, rate it, comment it, we take action!  As a marketer you have to begin by learning what unites us, the common grounds within the different segments of the market and how to communicate to us.  We are diverse, but there is much that makes us more similar than other markets.