Google confirms what Grupo Parada has been saying for the past four years

A recent study by Google highlights the barriers that Hispanics in the United States face when it comes to health and all health related matters (e.g. insurance, information, prevention, etc). For the past four years, Grupo Parada has noticed, studied and exposed the same issues that were released by Google this past month.

Among the most revealing findings Google came to the conclusion that the belief that US Hispanics have no insurance is false – 69% of US Hispanics have health insurance, the problem is that once they are insured individuals, literally their doors start to close due to the lack of culturally relevant information in their language. Less than 1% of DTC advertising is dedicated to US Hispanics and the majority of major brands have no online presence in the Spanish language.

The difference among US Hispanics and Non-Hispanics when it comes to finding information is that TV and the internet are the two biggest source of information for US Hispanics, 78% of US Hispanics use a search engine to find more information of something they’ve seen on TV and they look for health related information en Español, also 57% of US Hispanics rely on friends and family compared to 41% among non-Hispanics.

Grupo Parada has conducted research studies that prove these conclusions are true. During the Association of Healthcare Hispanics Executives Gala in 2009 and again in 2012, Grupo Parada exposed data that showed among other things, statistics as well as keywords that are used to search for doctors or specialists, the queries en Español such as “dentistas” or “ortodonsistas” where a lot higher than the queries in English.  Not only this research showed the need for information but it also showed the opportunity for growth that the Hispanic Market represents. As Google stated, closing the gap between US Hispanics and health providers represents billions of dollars.

Just as Google, Grupo Parada understands the creation of culturally relevant content as one of the most efficient and important tools when it comes to marketing efforts towards the US Hispanic Market. According to the US Census Bureau 2011, by 2050, 20% of the population aged 65 and older will be Hispanic.  Meanwhile, 60% of US teens will be Hispanic by 2022. This means that the Hispanic Market has a huge potential NOW. It has been proven that this is an untapped and under-served market segment.

Grupo Parada takes advantage of the opportunities that this market segment represents. We position our clients at the top of the market by managing their online brand, designing a culturally relevant marketing plan, increasing online traffic, conversion rate and exposure of the brand, to create the engagement and connection that this hungry for information market needs.