Hispanic Market Facts and Solutions

  • 86 % of U.S. Hispanics have a high-speed Internet connection in their homes
  • 78 % use the Internet as their main information source, even more than television
  • 26.8% of Hispanic internet users spent six hours or more on social media sites, versus only 8.5% of total internet users.

Out of the 52 million Hispanics that live in the United States, 32.5 million of them are online. 78% of them use the internet as their main information source, 39% of them own a smartphone and by 2020 the Hispanic teen population is expected to grow 62% compared to 10% growth in the number of teens overall (AHAA Hispanic Fast Facts). In other words: no matter what product or what service you are trying to sell, the Hispanic market share is unique and needs your attention if you want your business to stay on the market and continue to grow.

Hispanics come from over twenty different countries, yet one of the most important differences with other minority groups, is that Hispanics hold on to their roots and their culture — adding to the American culture instead of just joining the so called “melting pot”. Experian Simmons found that 48% of Hispanics speak predominantly Spanish at home while 57% speak mostly English outside of the home (2012 National Hispanic Consumer Study). So then what is the best way of marketing to the Hispanic consumer today? From experience, we know that an efficient hispanic marketing strategy is that which includes proper online market research, content marketing and analytics.

These three categories, each have a specific mission to accomplish and at the same time they are co-dependent. These are the three must do key steps:

1. Understand how is your audience looking for your products or services: 8% of the daily queries searched on Google.com in the United States are in Spanish – not to mention that “brand” terms in Spanish are up to 40% cheaper and “generic” search term CPCs are 60-70% less expensive than the general market (Google US Hispanic marketing forum report)

2. How many of your landing pages are optimized with Hispanic culturally relevant content? Are you still a believer that literal translation will do? Ya tu sabes, a Latino needs to be addressed in cultural, not only linguistic terms. Be it in English, in Spanish, or Spanglish. Use culture not language to connect to the Hispanic market.

3. Monitor, test, monitor and test again.The buying power of Hispanics will be approximately 1.5 trillion by 2015 (Selig Center for Economic Growth). You don’t want to get their attention and send them to the guy next door because you didn’t create that “good first impression”. Be an expert of what works for you and your business.

Yes, this is a lot of important information, don’t feel left behind if you haven’t put thought to the points here discussed, the good news is that there is still an untapped Hispanic market.