The Digital Grade of an Education Institution

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Latino Market: Growing trends in demand for higher education assistance. (Google)

A major increase in college enrollment, and a growing trend, makes the Latino population the perfect target client for universities and higher education institutions. However, institutions currently face the challenge of connecting with Latino students; there is a great need to transform the way institutions interact with students.

An example of this challenge is the one being faced by our education partner HETS (Hispanic Educational Technology Services), a consortium of US universities that gathers a high number of Latino students. Great services were available, and even greater content, but HETS was still looking for the right strategy to maximize its connection with students and faculty. A Digital Audit is the first step to maximizing the return on investment, and optimizing current marketing initiatives.

In order to quantify and determine an institution’s digital health, it is necessary to conduct an in depth analysis. Through a Digital Audit we analyzed the past and current initiatives, and developed a strategy to transform our partner’s position among the Latino community. The process to strengthen the digital foundations covers:

  1. Digital consolidation (brand in Google’s first page results, local presence, and persuasive search result descriptions)
  2. Social media consolidation (integration of social media with one another and the site)
  3. Website back-end consolidation (keyword and market research, site structure and optimization)


In the past 6 months this process has helped increase the number of visitors by 40% and improved the bounce rate by 47%. These results were accomplished in cooperation with the in-house team and with existing HETS resources. Larger efforts in strengthening the online presence of HETS are planned for our second semester as partners. It is the process of setting the proper foundations for successful content marketing campaigns. When was your institution’s last Digital Audit?