Become Latino-Ready to increase patient volume in the healthcare industry

In a world where peer reviews are patients’ most-preferred decision-making helpers, digital media comprises a key instrument that Hospitals and Insurance companies simply cannot afford to ignore. The healthcare industry as a whole must redefine its digital strategy towards Latinos by fulfilling their expectations of:

  • Rapid access to culturally relevant content across various digital platforms and devices
  • User-friendly patient-doctor communication, and
  • Engagement across multiple social media networks.

Healthcare institutions must provide valuable and culturally relevant information that brings greater awareness and turns online Latinos into advocates who will share the content through various platforms. This must be done through the planning, creation, and promotion of content designed to attract prospects.

Here are some key strategies to becoming a Latino-Ready institution:

  • Identify the target client in the digital space.
  • Develop a content strategy and management around target client.
  • Build brand recognition and manage your institution’s relationship with patients.
  • Find creative ways to educate prospective patients through interaction with caregivers.
  • Establish a content development process to ensure consistency across the organization.