Why is it important to enroll Latinos in the Affordable Healthcare Act?

While the quality of life is negatively impacted by chronic diseases with endpoints as disability or death, the economic cost is huge.  In 2003, the cost of caring for those individuals with chronic diseases, loss of workdays, and loss of productivity, amounted to more than 1 trillion dollars.  Dr Mirian Zavala, DNS, RN., Chair of Policy Committee at the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE) shared with us the importance of incorporating Latinos in the Affordable Healthcare Act.

  • Out of every $4 spent in healthcare, $3 went to take care of chronic diseases which can be prevented.
  • Prevention is key to lower costs for hospitals and insurance companies, and it can be done through informing and assisting in the enrollment of those without insurance.
  • There are 15 million Latinos without health insurance. 61.4% of them fall between the age range of 25-35 years old, one of the most digitally engaged age groups in the United States.

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ACA: Enrolling Uninsured Latinos Through Digital Media.