2 Digital Media Opportunities to Enroll Latinos in ObamaCare.

After our Affordable Care Act presentation with the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives, one of the conclusions was that Latinos are Social (we stay in touch through social networks), Mobile (high use of mobile devices), and Local (search for services in our geographic location).  Latinos spend as much time online as they do watching TV.  However, only 5.4% of advertising budgets to reach Hispanics are allocated to digital media.  Those disparities also mean less competition and great opportunities for the healthcare industry when it comes to enrolling Latinos in ObamaCare.

US Advertising Spending in Hispanic Media 2012

The new insurance system under ObamaCare came along with several enrollment tools for Latinos:

  • Navigators
  • Independent Brokers
  • the Online Portal
  • the Call Centers

Digital Media brings to the table two big opportunities

  1. Provide information at the media where Latinos are present.

    • Hispanics are High Speed internet users and social media shoppers
    • Hispanics Maximize Mobile Media
    • Hispanics use digital media to get to a store location (Navigator or independent broker)
    • There is a drastic increase in the need for online information in Spanish about health insurance, and a constant need for information on various diseases (Anemia, High Cholesterol, Asthma).  Answering those questions and making a connection will prepare Latinos to get to the enrollment process.
  2. Make the enrollment process start and finish online.

    • It is important that tools like the Online Portal and the Call Centers are ready and available for Latinos.  However, there must be a bridge that will get the uninsured Latinos to those tools in order to enroll.
    • SoMoLo Latino is the bridge to reach and engage the right people, at the right time, with the right content,  and through the right device.

Digital Media is an efficient way to take Latinos to the Navigators, brokers, portal and call Centers.  Is your target Hispanic Market enrolling for ObamaCare?