The Day That Changed US Television

On Monday, October 28, Univision and ABC hosted a special broadcast to promote the launch of their new multicultural joint venture “Fusion”. Lara Spencer and Sam Champion visited Despierta America’s studios in Miami while Raul and Karla were invited to Good Morning America’s studios in New York.

Fusion is an attempt to engage millennials, especially Latino millennials of varying levels of assimilation and acculturation through “news, pop culture, and satire”. Fusion not only seeks to break into the television market but the digital market as well. Their Twitter account alone has outperformed “FOX News Latino, LatinoVoices, NBC Latino and Revolt combined” with 101,843 followers. The efforts of these two major networks indicate several noteworthy lessons that the media industry is learning:

  • Diversity within the Latino community: The Latino market as a whole has great investment potential. Brands must cater to the linguistic, cultural, racial, and generational diversity of the Latino community when creating content. Better representation of these “communities within a community” will result in a more positive response to brand content and thus greater returns on investment.
  • Digital engagement is necessary: Younger generations of Americans and Latinos in particular are increasingly more digital and require engagement across platforms. In order for a network to survive they need more than just a channel.

The positive reception of the channel within its target community and its impressive digital performance so far show that marketers will have to continue to produce culturally resonant content across mediums (television, internet, mobile devices) to remain relevant and competitive.