ACA Forum: Enrolling Uninsured Latinos Through Digital Media

On October 8th, 2013 Grupo Parada in collaboration with AHHE put together one of the most relevant and interactive events in New York City regarding Hispanics and the Affordable Care Act — The US Hispanic Market: Enrolling Uninsured Latinos Through Digital Media. At this event, experts from Google, the New York State of Health, and Grupo Parada presented the latest data on the Hispanic population in the United States, Hispanic digital trends, and their healthcare needs.

Key Takeaways

Rebecca Jackson from the NYS Health Department, indicated that from NY State’s total population most likely to enroll:

  • 19% in the Individual Marketplace are Hispanic
  • 21% in the Small Business Marketplace are Hispanic
  • 18% speak Spanish

Kelsey Price, Strategist from Google, shared the Four Key Truths about Hispanics:

  • Hispanics are High Speed internet users
  • Hispanics are Social Media Shoppers
  • Hispanics Maximize Mobile Media
  • Online is Hispanics’ GPS to the Store
  • 85% of Hispanics are between the ages of 18 and 49

Marcelo Rodriguez from Grupo Parada, highlighted that in order to enroll uninsured Latinos through Digital Media, healthcare providers can:

  • Build TRUST through CONTENT that is relevant to Latino values
  • Even though content might be currently out there, it is not connecting with them
  • SoMoLo LATINO: Social, Mobile and Local marketing, is the bridge to enrolling uninsured Latinos.
  • The SoMoLo LATINO approach allows you to get to the right people, at the right time, with the right content and through the right device.

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Videos of the presentations, click below:


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