Hispanic Healthcare: More Affordable, But Hard to Find.

California brings the great news of getting close to their overall Obamacare enrollment goal.  However, Hispanics are being left behind with being only 20% of the covered enrollees to date.  Hispanics are eligible for more affordable health care, they are younger than other racial groups, and their enrollment under the ACA will bring stability to the marketplaces.  The challenge for insurers isn’t more marketing, but better digital outreach that connects enrollment counselors and the community.

The need for health insurance enrollment guidance in Spanish is rising.  It is no longer about how much information is available, but how much of that information online is actually reaching and engaging US Hispanics.   At this point, healthcare institutions cannot rely solely on the marketplace site to be fully in Spanish.  Insurers must become proactive online to make a contact and guide Hispanics through the process of enrolling.  The healthcare industry is constantly learning from the ACA enrollment process and many questions are rising:

  • How do we get the Hispanic under 30 years old to enroll under the ACA?
  • How do we incorporate culture, family dynamics and traditions into motivating Hispanics to access medical care?
  • How do we bring more Hispanics to the enrollment counselors within their communities?

Sharing and learning best practices among insurers is the best way to answer these questions.  Learning and optimizing are key strategies to move towards a faster pace of Hispanic signups.