DACA & Undocumented Youth: How to Maximize Organization Outreach

Immigration is the ongoing debate in the United States, and it is one that directly affects the Hispanic community.  The undocumented youth can now apply for a work permit through Deferred Action (DACA). However, right now the struggle is to increase the enrollment of undocumented students in this program.  Large institutions are relying on community-based organizations to increase the enrollment of undocumented youth under DACA.  Grupo Parada is proud to develop the marketing initiatives of a DACA outreach provider, Organización Juventud Ecuatoriana (JUVE).

The undocumented youth is both uninformed and fearful when it comes to a matter as delicate as their immigration status.  For this reason, large institutions are working together with trustworthy community-based nonprofits like JUVE.  Currently there are many communication barriers that are preventing an increase in the enrollment under DACA:

  • There’s a lot of information out there regarding DACA.  However, there are many different messages trying to say the same thing.  There should be uniformity when it comes to a campaign, and that comes from coordinating a message among the DACA providers.
  • Outreach providers must think outside the box to reach their target audience.  For example, digital media is an underused strategy when 89% of Hispanics online can be reached through YouTube.
  • A lot of the outreach is done in educational institutions.  However, the DACA elegible population may have not gone to school in the United States or are not attending school at the moment.
  • The nature of each service provider is different. The community-based nonprofits understand the community; however the education and legal providers are not speaking the same language as the outreach providers are.  Without proper coordination in the message, education and legal providers have the risk of losing DACA leads.

Our campaign with JUVE is focused on keeping the message positive and motivating undocumented Hispanics.  In order to convince and encourage enrollment, the experience we want to portray is of their safety and their dreams to succeed. There is a misconception that DACA is the same as the Dream Act.  At the moment, DACA is an opportunity to positively impact many more undocumented individuals than the Dream Act would have.  Our objective is for outreach providers like JUVE to amplify their message.