Gloria Ramirez McVorran, Patient Navigator Specialist

Gloria RamirezEarly in her career served in the area of television producing and directing documentaries and commercials to the Ministry of Culture , Health , Mines and UNICEF. In 2000 the American Cancer Society offered to join the program for the prevention of breast cancer with the Latino community in NY; there she confronted the great ignorance that exists in the Latino population regarding health issues especially cancer and her career took a turn around the health industry.

Passionate about the subject of educating the Latino community a few years later they offered to handle community relations and communications for the Hispanic community in the Ralph Lauren Center for Prevention and Treatment of Cancer , a non- profit organization founded by Dr. Harold Freeman and sponsored by Polo Foundation in conjunction with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

In RLCCCP Ms. Ramirez expanded her knowledge on issues regarding breast cancer, colon cancer, cervical and prostate. She learned the Patient Navigator Program with Dr. Harold Freeman. Ms. Ramirez works closely with health issues consulates of Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Ecuador where her work has been publicly recognized . She has created a group of ” Health Ambassadors ” where she educates people working with the community on the issue of cancer prevention.

Gloria Ramirez McVorran
Senior Community Relations/Communications Department & Patient Navigator
Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention

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