Hispanic Healthcare Marketing Best Practices

The last few days of the enrollment period for coverage under the Affordable Care Act are here, and when it comes to Hispanics the numbers are not as optimistic as we wish, 1 out of 4 uninsured individuals is Latino.

On March 11th, 2014 Grupo Parada in co-traponsorship with the Hispanic Federation presented the Hispanic Healthcare Marketing Forum with the purpose of bringing to the table the challenges and best practices of what has been enrolling Latinos during this first period of the ACA.

Healthcare professionals, navigators, marketing and outreach specialists were present bringing their own insights. This video presents the forum’s highlights:


Key Takeaways from the forum:

  1. Hispanics relate to other Hispanics. It is important to incorporate team members with Hispanic background to help in the enrollment process.
  2. Good outreach campaigns combine #Hispanic celebrations & traditions and online search data in regards of those traditions
  3. Proactive Outreach promote healthcare experience of feeling good & looking better so #Hispanics reach their max potential
  4. After March 31st insurers must continue to reach Latinos that are eligible for Medicaid, they can enroll throughout the year
  5. Priorities for next open enrollment should be: develop relationships with the #Hispanic community & improve awareness
  6. In order to build trust insurers and navigators must work with community based organizations and emphasize privacy policies
  7. Probabilities of hereditary illnesses in the family is a motivation factor for Young Invincibles to enroll
  8. Misconception that ACA is free health care for everyone creates barriers. This mindset makes any of price for insurance seem high
  9. Young Invincibles can be the influencers for Hispanic Families to get insurance. Up to age 26 they can join parents’ insurance
  10. The biggest Misconceptions of Hispanics about ACA is that: Obamacare is an insurance plan &  ACA is free health care for everyone
  11. Digital Marketing brings the opportunity to start and finish the sales process online
  12. Face-to-face interactions with navigators or personalized service in the call centers are very effective to enroll Hispanics
  13. To reach Latinos from a specific country of origin, the message must be customized for their specific background and targeted to their location with content relevant to their interests
  14. Hispanics Young Invincibles are mobile. Digital marketing and mobile technologies must support traditional media and community centers initiatives to engage them
  15. Investment in digital media should go to strategy, in order to create a purpose and a roadmap for the use and optimization of different communication channels.

For more information regarding the event, visit www.GrupoParada.com/GPtalks

Check out the Forum’s Gallery:

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