Digital Best Practices for Hispanic Healthcare Outreach

Digital Media has led outreach teams to rethink their strategy when it comes to the Hispanic population.  On March 11th, 2014 Grupo Parada in co-sponsorship with the Hispanic Federation presented the Hispanic Healthcare Marketing Forum “How can insurers increase ACA Latino Enrollment?”. The purpose of this discussion was to learn from different experiences when it comes to Hispanic healthcare outreach. Here would like to share with you the key takeaways from the 1st ACA Open Enrollment period in New York.



  • The role of Digital Marketing is important because there’s the opportunity to start and finish the sales process online.
  • However, that face-to-face interaction with navigators or a personal contact through the call center is very effective to enroll Hispanics.
  • Digital Media can help bring more people to the community centers and to contact the call center. This can be achieved by customizing the message to Latinos from a specific country of origin, that live at a specific location and with content according to their interests.
  • Hispanic population facts: 80% of Hispanic adults use social media, 78% use the internet, and 76% access the internet through mobile devices.
  • Young Hispanics can act faster because they have their mobile at hand. It is about integrated campaigns, digital marketing and mobile technology supporting traditional media and community centers.
  • Investment in digital media should go to Strategy in order to create a purpose and a roadmap for the use and optimization of different communication channels.