What happens after March 31st?

Now that the countdown for the open enrollment deadline has started, the question on what should be the focus of healthcare and outreach organizations after March 31st arises. These are some of the recommendations from the experts during our Healthcare Marketing Forum:

What should be the focus of Hispanic outreach efforts until the new open enrollment begins?

Prioritize building trust and relationships:

Hard selling doesn’t work, gaining the trust of Hispanic clients is the key to enrollment. Hispanics need to feel safe and “part of the family” when it comes to topics such as healthcare, immigration and even education. There are many questions that Hispanics need answered before even starting to understand the Affordable Care Act itself. Privacy for example, is a huge concern for hispanics:

  • How will the information they share be used?
  • Is it risky to provide all the information being requested?
  • What if they have a mixed status family?

Building trust and relationships with Hispanics means these kinds of concerns must be understood and most importantly explained with extra care. Only after all their doubts and uneasiness are cleared out, a Hispanic client will be more receptive on understanding the programs and the benefits it would bring to them by enrolling.

Finding spaces to talk about these concerns is also important, navigators and insurers must work together with community based organizations. These organizations have gained the trust of the community and have that ongoing relationship that leads to enrollment.


What do you think should be done? We would like to hear your thoughts.

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