End of enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act

March 31st was the last day to enroll in a plan under the Affordable Care Act. Latinos accounted for one of the key populations to enroll, yet Latinos were one of the most challenging populations to engage. Some states like Colorado showed statistics such as 57% disapproval of ObamaCare by Latinos.

But what led to this? What can we learn and change from this first open enrollment period?

First of all, we must emphasize that the concept of health insurance simply is not part of the Latino culture – thus, this concept had to be taught for ObamaCare to make sense. For the most part, this did not occur.

Different approaches were taken by different organizations and insurers. Some used the core of the program itself (get insurance or you will be fined) to explain why Latinos needed to get enrolled, in some cases it may have worked, but the statistics and online trends showed that Latinos’ questions and concerns about ObamaCare were constantly on the rise.

What did work?

The same way the challenges arose, so did the opportunities. Learning from best practices, implementing and improving what showed to be working was key. Outreach and healthcare experts agreed that the most important factor was trust and communication. Both of these factors combined with digital strategy proved to be successful.

 What lies ahead?

The opportunities are still ahead and to take full advantage of them we must change what doesn’t work and maximize what does. Building trust and becoming part of the community by maintaining two-way communication channels is a must, not a option. There are many exceptions such as those who are eligible for Medicaid that make thousands of Latinos still eligible to enroll throughout the year, opportunity lays there.

How can Grupo Parada help?

Our objective is to overcome the boundaries of Hispanic community engagement. We are here to open spaces for conversations, incorporate strategies to outreach efforts, and apply our SoMoLo Latino approach.