Hispanic Music & Entertainment Marketing Forum

A comprehensive overview of the evolving Hispanic music and entertainment marketing landscape took place at above named forum. Grupo Parada’s Marcelo Rodriguez covered key topics such as the crucial role of culturally relevant mobile content to make a connection with the Hispanic audience. Marcelo predicted that the next social media star in five years’ time will be a politician.

The panel was moderated by Chet Fenster, Managing Partner, Director of Content Creation, MEC Entertainment.

Other speakers present:

Manny Gonzalez, Senior Director, Multicultural Moet Hennessy, noted he expects to see many more social media savvy celebrities within the next five years.
Regarding the choice of media partners, Moet Hennessy’s Manny Gonzalez noted that “you need to be very picky, you can never relinquish your role as a brand steward”.
Daniel Villaroel, AVP, Integrated Marketing, Multicultural Maybelline New York, said that he expects a beauty blogger to take off and hit the stratosphere. “Content generation is a big challenge, particularly in the Hispanic marketplace. The key question is how do you create relevant content that is integrated digitally and with mobile?”

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile media plays a crucial role in Hispanic Music consumption
  • The latest intelligence about Hispanic Music Subscription and Advertising revenue models
  • There will be many more social media savvy celebrities within the next 5 years, since Social Media multiplies the visibility of celebrities across various industries.
  • Major Social Media Stars in 5 years are expected to be politicians and beauty bloggers. Content Strategy is the big challenge for these celebrities, particularly in the Hispanic marketplace, where there is a need for relevant content that is integrated digitally and mobile friendly.

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