Innovative Enrollment Strategies For Underserved Communities

The Hispanic community is undergoing rapid change in the way they search for healthcare information and their media consumption. Hispanics today move across many screens, sites, channels, and devices, often simultaneously.  Consequently, representatives from Grupo Parada, Aetna, Healthfirst, Young Invincibles, and Acacia Network gathered to discuss innovative Affordable Care Act and healthcare enrollment strategies through digital media at a forum by the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives.

Fast food companies

560,000 HispanicsKey Takeaways

  • Health-related online searches lead the way (Google): U.S. Hispanics are going digital, with more than 70 million visits to government websites every month.  Google query data showed a 45% growth in government search queries in Spanish since 2011 and searches related to health lead the way.  While keeping this in mind we have to wonder, if fast food companies see opportunity in reaching younger consumers through social media, why isn’t the healthcare industry doing so to enroll Hispanic Young Invincibles?  The current situation is similar to when a team is registered at a beginners division of a sports league and suddenly has to play against professional teams.  That’s exactly what is happening with the healthcare industry right now; Institutions are not getting in shape to connect with the Digital Hispanic.
  • There are 560,000 underserved digital NY Hispanics: Digital media like Facebook allows us to do Audience Targeting.  Through Audience Targeting Grupo Parada has found more than half a million Hispanics 18-35 years old living in NY that have an interest in wellness.  The Hispanic Young Invincibles are a target population that is relevant to healthcare institutions, however the Healthcare industry in general is investing little funds when it comes to digital outreach.  The focus must be on culturally relevant content that is adapted to digital strategies.  Translation doesn’t work, and the content format intended for traditional media should not be transferred to online initiatives.
  • Project the right energy through integrated initiatives: Healthcare might not be sexy, but we have to make it sexy.  We need to incorporate entertainment when it comes to our Hispanic digital healthcare content.  Healthcare must be about feeling good and looking great.  This message must be both in online and offline initiatives.  For example, crowdsourcing is a great way to generate both content and engagement since users can come up with great reasons to enroll.  Also, Hispanic refer-a-friend campaigns through social media are powerful strategies for enrollment.

We have to keep the community in mind when it comes to innovative strategies for enrollment.  Digital media is important to outreach, inform and even enroll Hispanics, and can constantly support face-to-face enrollment initiatives.