Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration:

Reaching the US Hispanic Market

Ignoring that 33.5 million US Hispanics accessed the Internet last year is a costly mistake. When it comes to President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration, there is a misconception that undocumented Hispanics won’t be searching online for legal services and consulting in regards to immigration.

Based on our market research, we have found that in the month of November alone there have been 260,840 searches in Spanish for information regarding Obama’s Executive Action on immigration. At Grupo Parada we understand that entrepreneurs need to take every advantage they can get. Therefore, we have prepared 3 steps to reach the growing US Hispanics searching in Spanish for legal support.


Be Hispanic-Ready Online

Lawyers and institutions must embrace Hispanic culture through their language. Google reports that almost half of Spanish-language searches are done on mobile devices, and there has been a 45% growth in government search queries in Spanish since 2011 (Google Internal Data). Consequently, providing Spanish mobile-friendly digital media can help your initiatives to connect government with this audience. Online video strategies must be a priority since, according to a Nielsen report, the average Hispanic spends more than eight hours watching online videos each month.

Become their Consultant on Immigration

This strategy is about nurturing relationships with potential clients by providing helpful information, and bringing awareness about the Executive Action that’s in the works. Hispanics must become their consultant in this issue so they will decide to choose you to represent them. According to a Google report, U.S. Hispanics are increasingly going digital to get their information and that’s why online search, social and video advertising can deliver powerful and measurable results.  As an example, one of our partner initiatives is already reaching US Hispanics that search for legal support, with 22,000 organic views on YouTube.


Create Connections on a Regular Basis

The Latino community loves to be listened to but legal providers do not use social media the way it was intended to. Hispanics ask questions and share content for action through social media. There must be constant interactions, but many times Hispanics reach out without getting any answers back. Social media is about creating a dialogue and lawyers must take advantage of the attention received so prospect clients can be closer to taking action and requesting legal services from you.

Start Your Hispanic Digital Marketing Strategy.