Oedipus (Edipo) – Theater Production and Promotion

In 2014, Grupo Parada took on the production and promotion of Oedipus, a One Woman Show written and directed by Peruvian playwright Walter Ventosilla, inspired by Sophocles’ Greek tragedy “Oedipus”.

The Challenge

Theatre audiences are accustomed to Greek Tragedy, regardless of the spoken language, as larger-than-life productions. Absent of a sweeping production, audiences and critics alike, might be skeptical of a scaled down or one-person performances. The education curve was steep, with a lion’s share of potential audience members were hispanic with a summer scheduling,

This was a challenge we were happy to take on in order to break many stereotypes about this population. Understanding the power of digital media, we designed a one of a kind Latino theater digital campaign for this project that got both traditional media channels and the audience on board.

The Strategy

By having a fully sold-out first season, Oedipus was making a statement: Hispanics are active online users and a well designed digital marketing strategy can start and finish the selling process online. Grupo Parada’s campaign was focused not only on showcasing the value and uniqueness of the show, but also on culturally relevant content. We worked on bringing value and pride to the audience first as Hispanics and second as supporters of the talent in the arts.

The Results

  • The play achieved more than 80% of sales online and increased the theater company’s visibility and fan base by 60% in a period of 5 weeks.
  • The success of Oedipus’ first season also led to the launch of the second season where new goals were set. Grupo Parada along with Guacamolink Performing Arts were ready to take the challenge and bring Oedipus to the English speaking audience, making Oedipus:
    • the first production where one Latina actress interpreted eight roles, most of them being male characters
    • the first production with performances entirely in Spanish, as well as shows completely in English done by the same actress at an Off-Broadway Theater in NYC
  • The Oedipus production continues to flourish and conquer new audiences. In November 2014, Oedipus participated at the United Solo Festival, the World’s Largest Solo Performances Festival. The production has crossed borders and will have its “Andes Tour” in 2015 visiting theaters in Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Sold out performances


Univision (Spanish)

NBC (English)