Acacia Network’s Digital Consolidation

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Located in the Bronx – New York, Acacia Network is a constellation of Latino based agencies offering a unique variety of services in the area of health (this includes Mobile Healthcare), housing and economic development. Their mission is to partner with communities, lead change, and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families. Some of Acacia’s most important programs are the Community family health centers, Behavioral Health Services, Nursing facilities, Bronx Council for Economic Development, among others.

The Challenge

Acacia’s main goal was to improve local visibility. Grupo Parada empowered Acacia’s online presence through digital local marketing strategies.

The Strategy

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Grupo Parada worked on Acacia’s Digital Consolidation; this is a process of optimizing all digital assets.  After a Digital Audit was conducted, Grupo Parada was able to identify the challenges that Acacia was facing from 4 essential perspectives:

  1. Market Share
  2. Architecture & Integration
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Measurement and Conversion

All these 4 points were carefully and thoroughly analyzed before giving a diagnose and creating a Digital Consolidation Strategy as the first step. At Grupo Parada we are currently working on establishing an online brand on social networks, creating local presence and consolidating all digital platforms for better lead generation and conversion rates.

The Results

Acacia Network gained visibility for its 18 locations. Currently, the locations receive hundreds of inquiries every month as a result of the local marketing strategies Grupo Parada implemented. The direct results are not only inquiries on directions, but requests for more information, as well as an increase in reviews and foot traffic.