AHHE: Innovating Outreach for Hispanic Healthcare Executives

The Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE.org) is a nonprofit organization that sought to foster programs and policies to increase the presence of Hispanics in health administration professions. AHHE faced a variety of challenges internally and externally due to the use of traditional marketing tools. Grupo Parada conducted a Business Intelligence process to determine what needed to be done to empower AHHE into reaching Hispanic healthcare partners and executives, and in lowering marketing costs through technology.

The Challenges

The organization lacked a corporate identity online as well as an effective internal communication and project management systems. This challenge decreased productivity and AHHE’s effectiveness in reaching out to the community and to healthcare leaders. Without control of its brand, an online presence and marketing campaign, AHHE was limiting its growth by preventing a connection with national partners and corporate sponsors. Also, without a plan for digital sources of income, the organization’s revenue was not diverse and were not able to reach its goals.

The Strategy

The Digital Communications Audit allowed Grupo Parada to identify the internal and external communication issues that AHHE was experiencing. Also, through Consumer Market Research and Competitor Analysis of the organization, a blueprint was developed to know where AHHE wants to achieve and how it can reach those goals. Moreover, the Content Marketing Management, based on the digital blueprint, Grupo Parada integrated marketing efforts to increase the organization’s memberships and other sources of sustainable income. Also, the online presence, visibility, and branding strategies were aimed at empowering AHHE to position itself as a leader in both the Hispanic community and the Healthcare industry.

The Results

AHHE experienced a 180° turnaround , going from literally being absent in the digital world, to becoming a digital leader in its industry. Grupo Parada’s work helped AHHE in its continuous growth and has been able to:

  • Attract key partners in its fight with health inequalities
  • Better promote its roundtable and gather healthcare executives
  • Facilitate the scholarship support and professional development for healthcare leaders
  • Increase the number of members in the organization
  • Implement online payments
  • Create new revenue sources
  • Develop sustainable website operations
  • Increase the benefits of corporate sponsors
  • Develop national exposure and recognition of the AHHE brand