Hispanic HyperLocal Marketing

Reaching your Customers at the Zip Code Level

Do you wonder why, if all Hispanics speak the same language, connecting with them is not as simple as “one-message-fits-all”? The truth is that there are no shortcuts to getting to US Hispanics. There are many countries and sub-cultures represented within this heritage.

Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing allows us to put together tailor-made stories that each Hispanic population segment can relate to. Culturally relevant content is the key to making the connection and building the trust that can motivate action in the Hispanic community. Through Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing we are able to develop a relationship with the right audience, at the right time, with the right content and through the right device.

For example, Ecuadorians in the US are the fourth largest Hispanic population in NYC and, using US Census data, Grupo Parada has put Ecuadorians on the map, literally. Find out where to focus your outreach initiatives:

How do we use this data for Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing?

At Grupo Parada we work on engaging hard-to-reach Hispanic populations at a zip code level. The target community takes action, empowered by the relevance of our messaging.  Digital strategies have the unparalleled flexibility to allow the customization of campaigns for specific groups of people and provide them with exactly what they’re looking for.

Let’s illustrate our Hispanic Hyperlocal approach by talking about our case study with RegionQ Magazine: Reaching the [aforementioned] Ecuadorian community.

1. Market Research

Hispanic Market Research
As you can see in the first infographic, there has been a drastic increase in the demand for Spanish language information in the US about “health insurance” in spanish.

Health insurance however, is not as interesting as the requests for information in regards to ailments such as:

  • High Blood Pressure,
  • Anemia,
  • Asthma, and
  • High Cholesterol
Slide 3

2. Social Media Outreach

By using census data and carefully identifying the zip codes that are most populated by Ecuadorians, we developed an audience profile by using behavioral data aimed at identifying Ecuadorians on those zip codes.

Slide 5

We then developed campaigns that touched the points of interest:  food, common health issues, home remedies, and health insurance.


Slide 6
Slide 7
Slide 8

3. Pay per Click Advertising

Because we were highly relevant, with the support of our market research, this campaign had a large reach and high engagement, while it constantly showed up on top paid search listings at a fraction of a cost that allowed us to compete with big budget campaigns.

Slide 9

4. Google Maps

One of the breakthroughs of our campaign was through the use of GPS: Hispanics used their mobile devices to find answers and services locally. The target population not only found providers, but also took an action: got directions to the location or made a phone call to the institution.

seguro medico - Google Maps 2013-09-25 11-56-02
Seguro Medico RegionQ directions requests Manhattan

Hispanics are loyal users of social, mobile and local media. Creating Hyperlocal Marketing campaigns that are relevant to them, their interests, and where they are located can strengthen your entire approach when it comes to getting Hispanics to buy your product.

Our Experience

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