Reaching Foreign-born US Hispanics

Gov and Nonprofits: Reaching your Community at the Zip Code Level

The truth is that there are no shortcuts when it comes to engaging the US Hispanics.  There are many countries and cultures represented within this heritage.  Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing allows us to put together tailor-made stories that each US Hispanic population segment can relate to. Culturally relevant content is the key to making the connection and building the trust that can motivate action in the Hispanic community.

Based on US Census data, Grupo Parada has put together zip codes where you can find foreign born US Hispanics. Usually government and political groups are wondering where to focus efforts in engaging this community.

Where to focus your outreach initiatives

The red icons ( rojo ) shows the most populated zip codes by foreign born US Hispanics. Click red icon  for more information about the zip code. 

How do we use this data for Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing?

At Grupo Parada we work on engaging hard-to-reach Hispanic populations at a zip code level.  The target community takes action, empowered by the relevance of our messaging.  Through Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing we are able to develop a relationship with the right audience, at the right time, with the right content and through the right device.

Let’s talk about Hispanics seeking legal support. By combining census data with Grupo Parada’s social media algorithms, we carefully identify zip codes that are most populated by Hispanics, thereby, developing a demographic model that matches with the target audience profile.


Digital strategies allow the customization of campaigns for specific groups of people, providing brand leaders exactly what they’re looking for: the market for their products at the the most personal level available.  We can then develop these campaigns to cover points of interest and focusing around any desired content such as legal services. For example, we designed the outreach campaign to promote enrollment for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Our client’s video has reached a growing 6,000 organic views on YouTube.

Google reports that almost half of Spanish-language searches are done on mobile devices, and there has been a 45% growth in government search queries in Spanish since 2011 (Google Internal Data). Consequently, providing Spanish mobile-friendly digital media can help your initiatives to connect government with this audience.  High campaign relevance, along with thorough market research, leads to high engagement.  For example, our legal support video in Spanish has reached 49,000 organic views from US Hispanics.

One of the breakthroughs of our campaigns has been through the use of GPS: Hispanics using their mobile devices to find answers and services locally. The target population not only finds providers, but also takes action: getting directions to the location or making a phone call to the institutionSeguro Medico RegionQ directions requests Manhattan

Hispanics are loyal users of social, mobile and local media.  Creating Hyperlocal Marketing campaigns that are relevant to them, their interests, and their location can strengthen your approach when it comes to getting Hispanics to buy your product.  Here are some of our clients with whom we have successfully implemented Hispanic Hyperlocal Marketing:

Slide08Office For New Americans