Promotion, Production and Coverage of Healthcare Outreach Forum

1380732_760723563954463_1739701494_nOn October 8th, 2013 Grupo Parada in collaboration with AHHE put together one of the most relevant and interactive events in New York City regarding Hispanics and the Affordable Care Act — The US Hispanic Market: Enrolling Uninsured Latinos Through Digital Media. At this event, experts from Google, the New York State of Health, and Grupo Parada presented the latest data on the Hispanic population in the United States, Hispanic digital trends, and their healthcare needs.

The Challenge

Latinos are one of the biggest populations in need of health insurance coverage. In order for healthcare providers to connect with the Latino population and enroll them in one of their insurance plans they must first understand the day-to-day realities of this population. The purpose of this campaign was to inform decision-makers in the Healthcare Industry on innovative ways to enroll uninsured Hispanics, as well as show health and digital trends in the Hispanic community.

The Strategy

We built a crowd by combining culturally relevant social media interactions and data-driven email marketing. Our digital outreach supported the forum by engaging the online community before, during and after the events. Our social media outreach included online video dialogues with the experts, as well as a fast-response strategy to address questions from the audience.

The Results

  • There were 150 attendees at the event.
  • Several companies and organizations were represented among them including EmblemHealth, MetroPlus, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Healthfirst, CNN Latino, and Univision Interactive Media to name a few.

Click here for pictures of the event.

You can see the videos of the presentations here:


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