Why wait? Consider the Hispanic Market Today.

If you still haven’t thought about engaging the Hispanic consumer to expand your business you might want to reconsider. The first quarter of 2012 is approaching and as more political, social, economical and industrial events unleash, the importance of the Hispanic market will only become more and more clear. The advice is, do not wait until the last minute.

This is a great time to position your company in the eyes of the Hispanic consumer and to maximize your results. Why? well, lets look at the current situation. The competition is relatively low, cost per click in Spanish is not even one third of a campaign in English and the demand continues to grow, social media continues to be an incomparable medium to reach and engage with consumers, set trends, create brand recognition and loyalty.

But why should we care for Hispanics based on these information? Hispanics have very particular patterns when it comes to technology and social media usage. 59% of the Hispanic population in the United States are 35 and under compared to 50% of Non-Hispanics. 65% of Hispanics in the US are Internet users, technologically savvy and regular users of social media platforms. 65% of online Hispanics have children vs. 57% of non-Hispanics.

All these statistics might sound nothing surprising but the key is to understand what a big opportunity these really means for any business looking to expand and maintain its business in the future. With one of every 6 people being Hispanic in the United States we know that it is time for your business to create a Digital Marketing Strategy devoted to engage the Hispanic Market.

So now you know that you don’t have to wait more time, take the initiative now and give your business a competitive edge, after all it is never too early to take advantage of a good opportunity.

* All the statistics cited have been obtained from emarketer.com