About Us

The vision of US Brands aims toward increasing their presence in the Hispanic market, and as a Marketing Executive you may have the responsibility to accelerate that growth. We understand that you are working with creative and digital media agencies, and that there’s a rising need to prove your marketing return on investment. That’s the reason why both private or public institutions have come to us: measurable results in acquiring and keeping more Hispanics in their programs.

Equipo GP

We are a marketing management company that combines digital marketing expertise with a deep knowledge of Hispanic outreach. Our work helps marketing and brand teams:

  • Improve performance of cultural engagement campaigns
  • Improve team skills in the digital landscape
  • Make better decisions when choosing digital and Hispanic marketing providers


  • Marketing Strike Team:  our One Stop Marketing team of experts by your side with results by the end of the day.
  • GP University: company training to upskill your teams capabilities to boost growth and reduce costs through digital strategy and culturally relevant content.
  • Digital Makeover:  our Corporate Social Responsibility program to help small businesses be online and be found. In one week we get businesses ready and on their way to success.
  • Business Consulting: Whether our client’s challenge is in converting more potential clients into customers, or retention of customers, GP’s team of experts help improve the digital experience and processes to meet client financial goals.
  • Business Development: GP understands the US market and how to attract Hispanics to our client’s products. With a track record of work with businesses across Latin America and Spain in entering the US market across a variety of industries, we help company establish themselves in the US and stay profitable.

Alliances have become an integral part of contemporary strategic thinking

We have developed numerous strategic alliances with influential U.S. Hispanic organizations strategic alliances, including:

  • The Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE.org)
  • The Hispanic Educational Technology Services Consortium (HETS.org)
  • Portada, leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media space


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