Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

US Hispanics are on the radar of every Fortune 500 Marketing Executive. It is a community that is extremely diverse in terms of language preferences, geography, country of origin and level of acculturation.

  • 30% of US population by 2050.
  • 77% of Hispanics Owned a Smartphone in 2014 [Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report]
  • 78% of Hispanics have used a search engine to learn more about something they saw on TV
    [Source: Google US Hispanics 2010, October 2010, OTX]
  • 2005-2020: Disposable income projected to nearly triple in a 15 year period (+173%); More than 2X the non-Hispanic growth rate (+82%)
    [Source: IHS Global Insight – 2011 Hispanic Market Monitor]
  • The New middle Class: 46% of households have an income between $35,000-$100,000 (vs. 47% of non-Hispanic homes)
    [Source: Nielsen PrimeLocation/Pop-Facts: 2011 Estimates, 2016 Projections]

Government and the Hispanic Electorate

Hispanic Voters for the Mid-term Congressional Elections of 2014

  • 25,526,000 Voting Age Hispanic Citizens (Projected for 2014)
  • 12,861,000 Registered Hispanic Voters (Projected for 2014)
  • 7,828,000 Actual Hispanic Voters (Projected for 2014)
  • Only 50% of Voting Age Hispanics are Registered Voters
  • Only 30% of Voting Age Hispanics Actually Vote

Hispanic Voters for the Presidential Elections in 2012

  • 23,329,000 Voting Age Hispanic Citizens
  • 13,697,000 Registered Hispanic Voters
  • 11,188,000 Actual Hispanic Voters

[Source: NALEO, Profile of the Latino Population and Latino Electorate 2014]

NY Hispanics

  • The NALEO Educational Fund projects that 546,000 NY Hispanics will vote in November 2014
  • Hispanic Registered Voters= 1,349,756

Hispanic Healthcare

  • 73% of US Hispanic adult smartphone owners have used their phone in the past year to seek information about a health condition, (Versus 67% and 58% Black and White segments respectively). [Source: Pew Research Center: American Trends Panel Survey, 2014]
  • More than 3 in 4 Hispanic participants speak Spanish at home and prefer to receive health care information en español. [Source: NCLR 2013 Hispanic Health by the Numbers, Chronic Disease Survey.]

Top 10 US States with Highest Hispanic Population

According to 2012 Census data, 53.0 million Hispanics live in the US and they are the nation’s second largest population group with one of every six U.S. residents being Hispanic (16.9%).

California 14,400,000
Texas 9,800,000
Florida 4,400,000
New York 3,500,000
Illinois 2,100,000
Arizona 1,900,000
New Jersey 1,600,000
Colorado 1,100,000
New Mexico 1,000,000
Georgia 900,000

[Source: Pew Research Center tabulations of the 2011 American Community Survey (1% IPUMS)]

How to Market to Hispanics Online

Translation isn’t enough when your company wants to deliver the right message.

The vision of US Brands aims toward increasing their presence in the Hispanic market, and as a Marketing Executive you may have the responsibility to accelerate that growth. We understand that you are working with creative and digital media agencies, and that there’s a rising need to prove your marketing return on investment. That’s the reason why both private or public institutions have come to us: measurable results in acquiring and keeping more Hispanics in their programs.

We are a marketing management company that combines digital marketing expertise with a deep knowledge of Hispanic outreach. Our work helps marketing and brand teams:

  • Improve performance of cultural engagement campaigns
  • Improve team skills in the digital landscape
  • Make better decisions when choosing digital and Hispanic marketing providers

Start Your Hispanic Digital Marketing Strategy.