Somolo Kit: Partnerships to Empower Small Businesses

Local Businesses that are Online grow 40% faster than those that aren’t [Source: BCG Report, The Connected World: The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity, March 2012]. Also, being online means more people shop local, and that money is 4x more likely to be reinvested in the community [Source: Civic Economics, Indie Impact Study Series: Survey of Independent Businesses (p.6), Summer 2012]. That’s why we are partnering up with Game Changers, organizations that are passionate about making a difference in our community. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Grupo Parada teams up to empower Hispanic Small Businesses by providing the Somolo Kit: social, mobile, and local digital tools and coaching for growth that we can measure.

Hispanic Small Business

  • In Latin America, a plaza is where people meet, where people shop, and where everyone walks by.
  • Through the Somolo Kit, Grupo Parada gives Hispanic business the plaza experience: they are where their customers are.
  • While Hispanic small business owners are starting companies at an increasingly fast rate, many of those businesses don’t grow past the startup phase.
  • The key to closing that gap is to provide a path for these entrepreneurs to leverage innovative growth techniques.

Entrepreneurs usually focus on operations and don’t have time to create a website themselves, and have very little time for marketing. We go beyond the websites and the trainings, and through the Somolo Kit program, we first sit down with each business to understand the situation and come up with the best road to growth. In 1 week, we set them up for success by delivering the basic tools for growth. Afterwards, for 3 months, we are dedicated to guide the businesses throughout the growth process which we track together with our community partners.

Would you like to be part of our Somolo Kit Program?

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