How to Market Online Hispanics

Let’s review the search trends for travel keywords executed in Spanish.

This is a good example:

In this slideshow you have trends for three specific travel related keywords in the global Hispanic market. These are possible alternatives that Spanish-speaking searchers would likely use when looking for a ticket.

According to the Google Trends graph, these keywords show little increase or peak during the specified timeline.

However, when we analyzed the same Spanish keywords within the US during the same time period, a new trend emerges. No matter which travel-related keywords we implemented (paquetes, turisticos, or hoteles), the result is the same!

More and more Hispanic users are searching for products and services within the US by plugging in Spanish keywords. After noting how much the Hispanic market has already boomed, we can predict that this activity will continue exponentially in the years to come.

We chose a set of these keywords so that we could move forward with this research. For your own research, this analysis must be completed for every keyword you are researching.

To quickly identify new opportunities in the Hispanic market, compare the CPC (Cost per Click) of a word in Spanish vs. English with the keyword relevant to a specific market.

For now, we’ll work with pasajes aereos and pasajes baratos, or air tickets & cheap tickets. They have almost identical trends. We will continue with pasajes baratos (cheap tickets) and find some related keywords in order to get the average cost per click on Google Adwords.

So we went ahead and made a quick estimation on the average cost per click for these keywords and some related ones. We discovered that the CPC is between $0.33 – 0.74.

With a big smile on our faces, we compared one keyword with its English counterpart. The results are astonishing.

As expected, the CPC of a word in Spanish is less expensive than the CPC of its English equivalent, an aspect that creates great opportunities for brands. With customers using Spanish keywords, the cost of acquisition is more affordable than in English.

When marketing to Hispanics, we need to go where online Hispanics are. Engage portals, search engines and online venues that Hispanics visit. Remember that for Hispanic marketing campaigns, social media websites are mandatory.

For further information, review the research in Beyond Demographics from SMG and NBC Telemundo.