Brooklyn Braces: Creating Hispanic Local Visibility

Superlative Smiles Orthodontics

Superlative Smiles Orthodontics delivers diagnosis, prevention, interception, and correction of poorly aligned teeth or bites, as well as muscular and skeletal abnormalities of the structures around the mouth and face.

The Challenge

Located in Brooklyn, Superlative Smiles Orthodontics saw the importance of reaching out to the Hispanic market in order to increase sales.  However, the challenge was not only reaching, but establishing a connection with Latinos by providing trust.  Grupo Parada decided the best way to gain trust is through culturally relevant content and by enhancing the online perception of the brand through digital media strategies.

The Strategy

Grupo Parada is currently worked on the Digital Consolidation of this healthcare facility by making it easier for Hispanic potential customers to find this healthcare provider.  All of this was done after carefully analyzing through a Digital Audit before performing the consolidation.  At Grupo Parada we established an online brand on social networks, creating local presence and consolidating all digital platforms for better lead generation and conversion rates.

The Results

A 4.9 star rating of its services, positive feedback & reviews.  Superlatives Smiles is also visible when searched with terms in Spanish which has allowed them to be positioned among the Hispanic community and obtain more clients.