Marcelo Rodriguez


Marcelo Rodriguez

Marcelo R. Rodriguez is an entrepreneur, Hispanic marketing consultant, and seasoned public speaker. He has has been instrumental in helping companies and cultural organizations in connecting with U.S. Hispanic and Latin American Markets online.

Marcelo’s experience with the Internet dates back to 1995. Some of his first projects were with Coca Cola, Lloyds Bank of London in Ecuador, and the Ecuadorian Tourism Ministry. He relocated to the US to expand his knowledge base and establish business connections. Marcelo’s first U.S. venture was the formation of that was acquired by Grupo Parada which provides Digital Marketing Services for companies targeting the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets.

He is a regular speaker for the New York University (NYU): Digital Strategy Class and for the Small Business Administration (SBA) Spanish Initiative Business seminars. Marcelo is active in the New York Hispanic community through his involvement with several distinguished professional associations and organizations. Marcelo Rodriguez is the current Chairman of Technology Committee for Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (,  and has served as Director of Marketing and Technology for Organizacion Juventud Ecuatoriana, an Ecuadorian non-profit.

Marcelo received his degree in Computer Systems Engineering and an E-commerce Certification from the Polytechnic University of Ecuador. He holds industry recognized certifications from Google and Yahoo.

Wladimir Paredes, Latin America

Wladimir ParedesWladimir has been instrumental in client development and project management for Grupo Parada. He won a contract with the city of Quito to develop their web presence, Defense Ministry, and World Heritage Fund in Ecuador.

Ronald Bautista, Digital Marketing Strategist

Ronald BautistaRonald’s purpose is focused on working for a stronger community, and he has followed that mission throughout his career in New York City. He began his experience in Hispanic community projects with local organizations and nonprofits, performing the role of Executive Director of Organizacion Juventud Ecuatoriana (JUVE), whose outreach efforts were based in promoting higher education and increasing the enrollment in local programs and the Ecuadorian Scholars Fund.

At Grupo Parada, Ronald has designed strategies to tackle the communication barriers and overcome the biggest challenges in the Hispanic community: access to higher education, immigration (DACA enrollment), and healthcare coverage under the ACA. Ronald continues to bring his passion for community to his outreach strategies for brands such as EmblemHealth, Portada, the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE), and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation among others.

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Joaquin Pradas, Business Development

Joaquin Paradas

Joaquin Pradas has an extensive and broad experience in business development in several industries such as travel and tourism, machinery equipment manufacturing, import/export, consumer products sales and distribution, insurance services, etc. Joaquin has assisted several international firms in evaluating US market penetration strategies and tactical campaigns. He has held management and senior executive positions in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail business.

Emely Grisanty, Media Strategist

Emely GrisantyEmely Grisanty is an innovative thinker and plays a critical role in the success of Grupo Parada’s SoMoLo projects targeting Hispanics.  A Project Manager by trade, she understands the components required to bring a project to fruition and the paramount importance of clear communication lines and timely deliverables. She is committed to understanding the clients requirements and assisting them in discovering new and creative ways of achieving the end goal while both participating parties enjoy the process of working and innovating together.
As a member of the executive team, she helps set the company’s strategic direction and manages multiple business initiatives that are consistent with the company’s overall strategy.

Walter Ventosilla, Creative Director

walter ventosillaWith over 20 years of experience in content marketing, branding, community health communications and ESL (Education, Information and Communication),  Walter has worked with many health organizations such as office of Communications at the Pan American Health Organization in Peru (PAHO, UN) to support the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institute in Peru.

Silvia Echeverría

Silvia Echeverria

Communications Strategist

Silvia Echeverría is the Communications Strategist at Grupo Parada. She analyses and promotes new ways to optimize and promote the client’s product or services through integrated marketing and communications campaigns. Silvia also integrates core practices of Public Relations to the client’s strategic plan – this approach combines search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR), enabling clients to generate sales and leads.