Digital Brand Strategy:

The Challenge

Despite being a well-known journalist, writer, broadcaster and chef, Denisse Oller felt a lack of connection between her and the public. In 2007, Oller ended her successful 20-year career as a national news anchor in the Spanish-speaking Television to pursue in a full time basis her biggest passion – being a Chef.

One of the biggest challenges was to rebrand Oller – Denisse needed to create recognition, connection and awareness among the public about her new professional stage as a Chef. The challenge was to eliminate any association to her previous employer and create a new brand and image that would uniquely identify Chef Denisse Oller.

The Strategy

The rebranding process was a core part of the strategy; Denisse Oller is well received and recognized among the Hispanic Community – that recognition, admiration and gratitude that Denisse earned from the public during her entire career needed to be carried over. The strategy was to reflect her transition and in the process create a complete new brand to represent Denisse, her profession, her goals and her passion; the new brand would be the medium to connect with the public and build Denisse’s image.

The Results

Through a Digital Communications Audit, Grupo Parada was able to analyze Oller’s digital assets. After the audit, Grupo Parada decided it was better to start off from zero – create a brand new logo and a new site that would integrate and consolidate all the already existing digital assets. The difference was to organize, channel and optimize.

Grupo Parada managed all digital assets including social media platforms, by conducting Consumer Market Research and a Digital Public Relations Campaign we were able to see a significant increase in the website traffic, brand recognition and engagement. The work with Miss Oller is not finished, but the results we have this far have surpassed expectations. The Consumer Market Research conducted by Grupo Parada predicts further engagement and growth in Denisse Oller’s brand.

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