Addressing Hispanic Childhood Obesity, Grupo Parada receives Hispanic Marketing Company of the Year Award.

The Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives and the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Health recognized Grupo Parada, LLC with the Award for the Hispanic Marketing Company of the Year.

George Zeppenfeldt, President & CEO of the National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Health and President of the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives said that Grupo Parada “has been an integral element in positioning the association and chamber into the twenty second century and above”.

Zeppenfeldt recognized Marcelo Rodriguez, GP Managing Partner, not only on a business level but on a personal level, affirming that Rodriguez brought them into the world of social marketing, and has been a guiding force to the extent where he has been pointed as an extra-oficial board member.

Rodriguez received the award expressing his gratitude to the association for giving “a small company like his” who came from another country following the American Dream, the opportunity to partake in such an important project. During the recognition, Rodriguez featured a pilot video which proposes a different way of approaching hispanics to make them aware of the risks of obesity. The video was produced after an extensive research on the level of Obesity among Hispanics in the US and it’s relation between information based campaigns.

Rodriguez suggested that it is more than information what is needed to connect with Hispanics, it is culturally relevant content what is needed to create a real connection and engagement. Grupo Parada’s understanding and expertise in Marketing to Hispanics made this award possible but most importantly it is this expertise what has taken its clients to the next level with engagement and recognition among Hispanics in the US.