Institutions need to be both present and interacting with the Hispanic market.  We will reposition your brand as a socially connected, mobile-friendly and locally active entity. We help you engage your Hispanic base by analyzing your current digital presence and developing a new more culturally relevant content strategy to optimize your results.

Business Intelligence

In order to quantify and determine the state of a company’s or institution’s digital health it is necessary to conduct an in depth analysis. Our Marketing Effectiveness Analysis identifies the past and current initiatives and creates a strategy to transform our client’s reputation among the Latino community.  The Marketing Effectiveness Analysis consists of a detailed review of company productivity, reach, engagement and distribution channels, and strategies used up to the date of the audit. The audit process helps identify the strengths and weaknesses, followed by a step-by-step plan of what to do in order to continue moving forward.

Digital Client Strategy

We work with clients and their internal teams to develop and implement engaging digital strategies. Through the use of online and offline data, we significantly reduce the cost of identifying, reaching and capturing a client’s designated community. Our ongoing research and monitoring allows us to create  and maintain continuous interaction with our client’s user base.

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